Coast to Coast

SO California

SO California

L:  Tell me about when it rained in LA this week.

F:  Oh boy! Well let me start this story by letting you know that I have been living in Los Angles for 7 months now. I have never seen it rain. While we were working in our office, we were “alerted” that it was raining. Everyone stood up and stared out the window for a while with smiles on their faces. I felt SO happy. It felt like the first snow on the East Coast.

L:  Do you have any floral clothes?  They’re all the rage for Spring, I hear.

F:  I have one shirt that is floral. I just don’t really dig the floral scene on me. I feel TOO girlie. It’s not for me. I am open to changing my perspective on that though. 😉

L:  What’s your favorite game?

F:  At the moment, beach volleyball. I have fallen in love with the sport. You don’t have to be good. It is a great workout. It is a perfect way to spend time with your friends. You also get to be in the sun.

L:  Do you ever feel lonely?

F:  I feel lonely every once and a while. If anything, I think I should spend more time alone. I am rarely alone. I used to feel really lonely when I lived in NYC. I think being surrounded by all of those people can be a false sense of company.

L:  If you were going to dye your hair, what color would you choose?

F:  Girrrrrl. I would love to dye my hair black. I would just love to see what it felt like and if I liked it. Or, hot pink.

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