Coast to Coast

photo (77)

F: What are you most proud of?

L: Sorry to start out sappy but I’m feeling really proud of you lately. It’s really cool to see you doing things you’ve worked so hard for. It’s inspiring and I’m proud of you.

F: What is your morning routine?

L: I just said all this nice stuff and now you’re trying to mess with me?! Most of my mornings begin with me sleeping later than I meant to. I get ready for work and head out of my building, where many mornings I greet the old Chinese lady that lives on the first floor of my building.  She does stretching by the stair well. She doesn’t speak English so mostly we both only say ‘hi’ and ‘bye.’ Sometimes she makes known that she really likes my outfit; that’s awesome. Then I stop for coffee and head to the subway where I either read theSkimm or listen to music/podcast. When I get to work I make oatmeal with delicious accouterment to spice up my life.

F: What book are you currently reading or want to start reading?

L: I’ve read about half of Steinbeck’s Cannery Row about three times. It’s a short book so I don’t know why I can’t get through it. I was recently talking about this and since then have wanted to pick it back up.

F: What was the last thing you cooked and how was it?

L:  I made a pretty good omelet type situation recently.

F: What is your favorite movie?

L:  “The Royal Tenenbaums”


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