Coast to Coast

The Beach

The Beach

L:  What is a piece of advice you’d give your 10 yr old self?

F:  I would tell her I loved her. I would also let her know that there are some really big changes coming soon. Continue to be yourself and always speak your mind. Don’t be mean to other people to hide your own fears. Try your best to not take on other people’s pain.

 L:  What’s your favorite item of jewelry?
L:  What did you have for lunch?
F:  Oh boy! There is a spicy tuna bowl with brown rice, cucumber, ginger and avocado at the co-op across the street from my work. It is so spicy – it is almost unreal. I can’t stop though!
L:  What do you think about mentors?
F:  I appreciate them so much. I just read somewhere that the best way to approach a mentor relationship is with gratitude. There are so many people in my life that have impacted me because they were brave enough to be themselves. Thank you to all of you.
L:  Are we having fun yet?
F:  Well, you and I have not gotten to connect as much as I would like to.  So, you and I aren’t exactly having fun just yet.  The next time we talk I know that we will.  I miss you so much.

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