Coast to Coast

Part of the "I'm Glowing" series

Part of the “I’m Glowing” series

L:  What are your 3 favorite things in your kitchen?

F:  Oh boy, well first and foremost my VitaMix. I would be lost without it.  Secondly, I love my mini-tumblers made by Meghan Lunne.  They are perfect for sippin’.  And last but not least, I love my juicer. It might be getting dusty, but I still love you juicer!

L:  Are you still running a lot? How’s that going?

F:  Albert and I have been running around the Silverlake reservoir once or twice a week.  It is a nice way to spend time together after work. I am getting so much better. I can ALMOST run the 2.2 miles.

L:  What’s something you want to do within the next year?

F:  In the next year, I would like to be more creative and have more creative projects. I’ll let you know how that pans out.

L:  What’s the best/your favorite costume you’ve ever worn?

F:  This was fun:


Feighanage Muntant Ninja Turtles

L:  When are you coming to visit me?

F:  For your birthday?!

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