Speak Up

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Cleveland Mayoral Race 1977 (My dad was 30)

I wrote this over a year ago and found it in my drafts. It is ironic, because I have been feeling the same way lately:

Last week, my siblings and I went to a fundraiser that my dad held for Tammy Baldwin.

I didn’t think too much about the fundraiser, as I feel like I have been to many in the past as our Dad was a former Congressman, but in truth I hadn’t been to a fundraiser in years.

There was a moment when my father was speaking that I felt an overwhelming sense of pride in where I came from. Being at this fundraiser reminded me that I was raised to believe I could make a difference.  That It was my responsibility as a person in the world to stand up for what I believed in, whether it is a fundraiser or one on one conversation.

I am grateful to my parents that they are brave enough to put themselves out there and support the things they feel strongly about. Thanks to them, I am able to do the same right here.

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