Hey everyone! We have had a crazy whirlwind of a weekend with Teddy and Kelley’s wedding.  It was beautiful, touching, heartwarming and wonderful. We are so happy for them.


Farrell – Lakewood, OH

Wedding bliss

photo (19)


Albert – Put In Bay, OH

High seas



Janna – Pittsburgh, PA

The views from my 10th floor. Hello PPG Building.

photo 1-1

Sunset, due south.

photo 2-1


Lauren – Lakewood, OH

These are the type of messages our mother has left around the house our entire lives.  They’ve been found on dirty dishes, hidden beer & cigarettes and countless other misbehaviors.  She never says anything more about them but you know she’s seen something of which she disapproves.  This one is priceless, I think.

photo (18)

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