To All My Leo’s


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It just so happens that there are a lot of people who I love that had birthdays yesterday. Every year, it is curious to me why all these people happened to be born on the same day. The book The Secret Language of Birthdays now has a website where you can look up your birthday and it tells you all this crazy stuff about your birthday.

Here is my August 6-ers:

The Day of Unique Happenings

Traits of this day…



It is the unexpected that happens


    Because of their attraction to the highly unusual, August 6 people may be the despair of their families when it comes to their observing the ordinary daily activities that can keep one healthy. Yet, paradoxically, August 6 people benefit from and frequently partake of tasty and regular meals, sensuous massages, good sex and periodic exercise such as walking, jogging or swimming. The trick for them is of course to maintain such healthy activities without becoming bored. Usually blessed with a sound constitution and a surprisingly successful avoidance of accidents (considering their taste for far-out and possibly dangerous experiences), August 6 people may periodically need to break out of their routine and go off on wild binges of all types.

Personality of this day…

    Those born on August 6 have a lust for experience. They are particularly drawn to happenings of a very unique or extraordinary sort, perhaps once-in-a-lifetime occurrences, some of which seem impossible, or of an inexplicable or divine source. August 6 people may perhaps generate these experiences themselves or simply come on them by chance, take direct part in them or just read and write about them; in any case, it is the mental or physical contact with the experience itself, the personal discovery of something long forgotten or even previously unknown which attracts them like a magnet.

Ordinary life does not hold a great fascination for those born on this day, and they quickly become bored by the mundane. In the case of August 6 people tied to ordinary jobs or less-than-stellar family situations, there is a danger that they will retreat into a fantasy world to get their kicks. There is also a good chance that following years of deep frustration and angst they may finally decide to leave their stability behind and set out in search of new horizons. After making such drastic changes, an August 6 person may realize that he/she was never cut out for a settled life after all. Some born on this day may feel a measure of bitterness that they didn’t make the discovery sooner.

Only the most successful and highly evolved of August 6 people manage to integrate their love for the unique and unusual into a stable daily life. Those who do are usually themselves creative or enjoy an occupation which is directly related to singular and uncommon occurrences. They may even have the genius to reveal the fantastic in the ordinary, and to share such a unique insight with others.

Because transcending the limits of earthly experience (or at the very least stretching them) holds such a central importance for August 6 people, they may display a rather intense approach to life. Indeed, their choice of lifestyle may be difficult for mates to accept, unless of course their partner shares some measure of interest in their pursuits. August 6 people may also go through changes which occur in a much too rapid fashion for their mates, family or friends to handle.

Those born on this day have a great need for love and all sorts of sensuous and sexual expression. But they may suffer deep disappointments in their search for a perfect mate or an ideal relationship. August 6 people are faithful friends and parents in their own way. Although they may take their responsibilities very seriously, however, they are often unable to discharge them to the satisfaction of loved ones, again because of the demands of their August 6 lifestyle.

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