Coast to Coast

The view of Santa Monica beach

The view of Santa Monica beach

L. How are you?

F. Hey, thanks for asking! I am exhausted. Lately around 3pm onwards I have been feeling SO tired. I am going to get to the bottom of this and report back.

L. If Halloween was this week, what would you dress up as?

F. I have always wanted to paint my whole body grey and dress as a flapper and be someone from a black and white movie. Get it? That also sounds like A LOT of work.

L. Have you gotten any good advice lately?

F. Not really, but I feel like I should be asking for more. Maybe I am not listening. Got any for me?

L.  What’s one of your favorite color combinations?

F. Oh boy! Ever since I moved from NYC I have been sporting so much color! I have been rocking blue and green together and it’s been so fun.

L. What do you do to shake a bad mood?

F. Meditate, remove myself from the situation, admit that I am in a bad mood and I don’t know why. Those things usually help the mood pass.

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