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I have been a part of a lot of party planning in the past 7 months and although I feel as though I was raised to be a host, there is a lot to learn. Here are some noteworthy lessons that I want to pass on to you.

Make sure everyone is included:

Whether it be age or preference, make sure to include everyone in the festivities. Never plan something that you know one person might be excluded from. No one likes to be left out.

Always have a game/gift exchange:

It is so fun to give gifts, especially ridiculous ones. Always try and plan the gifts and dessert when the party mood is just getting started.

You don’t always need to focus on drinking. 

Even if you know some of the party go-ers love to drink and be crazy, try and have situations with many options like swimming or bocce ball.

Don’t be scared of a little peer pressure. 

That being said, sometimes people need a little push to have fun. Make it a safe place to let your guard down 🙂

Always have fluid plans. 

You never know if the weather is going to cooperate or your party goers are going to be up for the next bar or another big meal.

Make sure to have an abundance of food. 

It’s a celebration, people want to eat!

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