A Sweet Spot

I am home.

There is something so dainty and girlie about my childhood bedroom that I never fully resonated with until I got a bit older. It is funny how now, at a time when I care about design and aesthetics, I fully feel at ease in the room that has been mine my entire life.

Though there were times when I cursed the wallpaper while blasting Bush or dying my hair with Kool-Aid – it is now in my adult life that I fully embrace the softness that comes up in me when I am in this room.

photo (7)

photo (6)

photo (8)

  1. Suzanne Plumb said:

    Sweet, sweet thing! I fondly remember helping your Mom put that room together especially for you with so much love. Suz

  2. Nick said:

    Ironically I just downloaded an oldie but a goodie that made me think of the x-mas parties at the house and all of us being young in general; Diplo – Florida.
    Funny what memories stay attached to that album, memories that are not associated with anything else. HA
    Youth is wasted on the young.

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