Coast to Coast

photo (39)

F:  What is your favorite thing about summer in New York?

L:  That it can go from this…

photo (38)

…to this, in one day.

photo (36)
F:  What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

L:  Probs gotta go with the double D.  For real though, at this point I might say headstand, mostly because I continue to be amazed I can still do it.  And it still feels good.

F:  What is your favorite thing you have purchased lately?

L:  I locked myself out of my apartment the Friday before Memorial Day.  Luckily I got back in within a few hours but the in-between time was mostly spent outside on a gross and cold rainy day.  Later that night I decided to make an evening of going to Whole Foods and accidentally spend close to $9 on bulk dark chocolate covered almonds.  They’re gone now but it was a happy accident.

F:  Are you reading any good books?

L:  Sadly, no.

F:  Have any new podcast recommendation for my morning commute?

Did you listen to this episode of On Being?  I’m really getting in to this podcast overall.  This one, Whale Songs and Elephant Loves, is also phenomenal and I’d love for you to listen to it.

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