Coast to Coast

F: What at this moment are you most grateful for?

L:  Right now, I am most grateful for the combination of freedom and security I have in my life.  {Knock on wood}

F: What blog/website gives you the most inspiration lately?

L:  Well it’s not exactly a website but I signed up to receive this email, called theSkimm, which provides a summary of the news every morning in my inbox.  It’s pretty succinct and is meant to be communicated in the way a know-it-all friend might tell you about world events.  It’s made me feel a lot more knowledgeable, yet not bogged down by about what’s going on in the world.

F: What place would you like to travel to next?

L:  I’d like to spend 2-3 weeks in a big old, remote country house.

F: Have you found the perfect lip color yet?

L: Not at all.  If I wear lipstick these days, it’s usually some combination of about six different not quite it colors I carry around with me.  It works out fine but I still want to be one of those women who has her perfect shades.

F: What are you most looking forward to?

L:  Re-establishing a regular yoga practice.

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