Coast To Coast

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L: How do you keep up with the news?

F: I mostly listen to NPR.  Honestly, I don’t really like the news, so I keep my exposure to it at a minimum.

L: What’s your favorite style trend of the moment?

F:  I am pretty into the turban trend. I know it’s a bit last year but peeps in Los Angeles are sporting them. I use a bandana and make it into a faux turban sometimes. I think it’s fun.

L: Do you have a bike?

F: Nope, but I am in the market for one. I really miss being able to walk everywhere in NYC.  In LA, you get the feeling that you could bike a lot if you had one.

L: What’s something you’ve learned over the past few days?

F: I am on day 24 of my 40 day mental detox. It is about subtle mental shifts toward creating greater happiness. I have learned that when you make someone special (especially yourself) you create an unrealistic imbalance in your relationships. It is awesome to see everyone as equal.

L: Do you think it’s funny that we pose these questions to each other every week?

F: I think it is funny, however I like it. We usually ask each other questions that we wouldn’t actually ask each other directly when we are talking on the phone. It keeps me updated on things that I care about in your life. Plus, I miss you.

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