The True Size


Earlier in the week I went to a really interesting talk about Africa.  It was wonderful for many reasons, one of which includes the illustration that was shown (above) to convey the size of the African continent in relation to other – more familiar – places in the world.

I remember reaching the point in life in which I realized that my global education had been incredibly European-focused.  What that meant to me at the time was that ‘they’ had largely ignored teaching me about Asia.  While I wouldn’t say that I was completely clueless about Africa before this talk, it was still reminiscent of that first realization of how much I didn’t know.  It was also a strong reminder of how gratifying it is to take advantage of the resources that surround you, something I plan to do more of.

(The True Size of Africa via Information is Beautiful)

  1. Jude said:

    Bright and thoughtful illustration of a seldom considered reality. There is a chance that Africa is going to play a major role in the coming couple of centuries. First of all, it is so vast and varied, that it’s maybe naive to talk about it in generalities. Still, it is a place with a wealth of natural resources and geographic assets. It is a place with a vacuum of power and leadership, at least partly the outcome of centuries of colonization, followed by corruption and expropriation of wealth. Parts of it are, or will be, underpopulated, due to HIV/AIDS, also undermining the survival of culture and tradition and identity, often what allows people to rise above outside influence. It may even become a mecca for displaced peoples from around the world, leading to a new melting pot with what kind of government and values. So much to think about.

    • Lauren said:

      Absolutely! Thanks for weighing in!!

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