Most of our family was in NYC this weekend for our brother’s art opening and performance on Friday night. It was so great to have everyone in town and his show was awesome!  Thank you to all of our friends who braved the cold (& the crowd) and came out to support.  You all mean the world to us and we spent the rest of the weekend talking about how grateful and lucky we are to have you in our lives.  Now, onto the pictures…


Lis – Portland, Oregon
I stayed in a yurt last night.




Mary Clare – Eugene, Oregon
Because Eugene sits at the lower end of the Willamette Valley, we sometimes get fogged in. We have been fogged in for days and days. Yesterday, my friend, Joanie, and I went walking on the local Ridgeline Trail. The path was too frozen and slippery to get to the top, but finally we could see sun and a bit of blue sky.



Albert – New York, New York
The city that never sleeps



Ddeani – New York, New York
Monster Rally
photo (4)


Send over some of your pictures for next Monday’s Picturesque post.

We’re all eyes.

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