Homie of the Day: Kathryn White

Aren’t all of our lives so enriched by the introduction to friends of our friends?!  Today is another case in point of this fact with this seasonal and trendy fashion forecast from our wonderful friend Jessica’s friend Kathryn White.  I had a sneak peak of Kathryn’s stylish post and have already been incorporating her tips into my winter look.  Thank you, Kathryn!


Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 2.36.34 AM

I always look forward to returning home for the holidays to spend quality time with the fam. Now that I’m living in New York, heading back to sunny California at the brink of winter makes my travels all the merrier. Christmas came and went fairly quickly, and now I’m enjoying my last bit of fun in the sun before I head back to the cold. Like many of you, I’ve been spending the majority of 2013 hitting up the sales and re-vamping my wardrobe for spring. Hopefully it comes soon! In the mean time, we all have to endure those awkward few weeks of the year where winter slowly transitions into spring. As our puffy feather down jackets and wool coats begin to suffocate our bodies, tank tops and sundresses begin to devour every sweater and circle scarf hanging in department store windows. Despite the allure of all those flimsy frocks, we all know it’s far too cool outside for pool parties and rooftop barbeques. This realization sparks a deep frustration with the contrast between our current wardrobes and the merchandise being sold in stores. Turtleneck sweaters and knee-high boots seem overkill, but we’re not quite ready to bust out the booty shorts either.

These were the thoughts running through my mind as I shopped the sale rack at Urban Outfitters. Ultimately, I decided to mix and match a few warm weather pieces with a few cool weather pieces to satisfy the demands of the season and the runway. I came up with three simple ways to incorporate spring and summer pieces into your current wardrobe without having to freeze in the name of fashion. Hopefully these tips and tricks will inspire you to create ensembles that will ensure a smooth and trendy transition into the start of spring!

1. Invest in Lace-Ups  


Lace up booties will be your best friend by the end of next month (if they aren’t already). They’re trendy, versatile, and practical. They’re also much warmer than the strappy sandals sitting in the department stores. Feel free to wear a pair with maxi skirts, dresses, or leggings. The only other cold weather item you’ll need is a light jacket. Denim is perfect for this time of year because it’s lightweight when worn on its own, and seals in heat when layered over a cardigan.

2. Love Your Layers 

Sister Disco_Image 1

A lot of ladies avoid the layered look as spring approaches because they assume the added bulk will make them feel as though they’re stuck in the month of November. However, thin and lightweight layers will have the opposite effect. Here, I layered a cardigan over a loose fitting tank top, and topped it with a cargo jacket. Similar to denim, cargo jackets or military button ups are heavier than sweaters, but more breathable than coats. They both make excellent transition pieces. For bottoms, simply switch out your dark denim for a lighter wash to incorporate a spring color palette.

3. Cover Up Cleverly

Sister Disco_Image3

You don’t have to wait for 80-degree weather to rock your favorite mini skirt. Tights and leggings will keep your legs warm without distracting from the ensemble. As spring draws nearer and nearer, replace black tights with gray or pastel colors. Pattern on pattern is a great trend for spring, and it’s easy to mix and match with printed skirts and tank tops. Top it all off with a basic leather jacket for brisk evening strolls.


Kathryn White is a senior at LIM College finishing her degree in marketing with a concentration in fashion publishing.  She is currently interning for Real Beauty.  Read more from Kathryn here and here.

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