Outside In

If we’re laying all of our cards on the table – or if I am, I listen to a lot of self-helpy/spiritual/how to live podcasts.  It can be a challenge to find ones that aren’t totally cliche or poorly produced, so once I find one I like I often listen to it more than once.  Today’s find reiterated the notion that everything you seek can be found within you & that though we cannot control what happens outside of ourselves, we are in full control of the way we experience those things.  While sometimes I think it’s easier to turn a blind eye to these facts, they are pretty powerful if you’re up for the challenge.


(image via here)

“If your deepest intention is to connect to the intuitive truth within you, and to be unconditionally loving, accepting and compassionate to all beings, then you need fear nothing.”

~Keith Jordan

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  1. Mom said:

    I’m sitting in his office as I read this!

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