A Time for Everything

Earlier this week I went to the funeral of a woman I knew through work.  At the service they read the Bible passage There is a time for everything.  It’s a pretty familiar passage I’ve heard many times in my life but it really struck me this time around.  With the onset of the holiday season, I have the feeling that the next couple of weeks are going to fly by.  I have lots of upcoming plans to reconnect and celebrate with many of you and it’s going to be great.  But in the time I have carved out for myself, I’m looking forward to relaxing and sitting with the things & feelings that don’t always receive their due time.

To accompany me:

Knit Slippers – My apartment is freezing.

Future Perfect: A Case For Progress In A Networked Age – I’m half way through and have started dragging my feet but think it is a very interesting read.

Wool Blanket – Again, freezing.

GIRLS Season I – I’m obsessed and just keep watching these episodes over and over.

Sunday Riely Juno Transformative Lipid Serum – Got myself a free sample of this high end indulgence and my skin is feeling great!

SCOTCH Nail Polish – So many fab seasonal colors in my collection that I rarely take the time to apply.

Heart Shaped Tea Cup and Saucer – Just thought this was sweet.

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