Making a list & checking it twice

I just got home from a wonderful couple of days in Cleveland.  It feels good to be back in NYC and in my apartment but now I’m prolonging the inevitable.  Unpacking.  It’s something I have a tendency to put off for far too long after I’m away.  Add to it that I haven’t fully attended to the swap of my summer to winter clothes, which I started (i.e. emptied everything all over my bedroom) during Sandy while packing for my trip to Turkey.

(image via here)

So while I’d rather watch a movie or go out to eat, I’m committing myself right now to:

– Unpacking

– Putting away my laundry

– Putting away the clothes that are strewn all over my bedroom

– Going grocery shopping (or at least making a list)

– Sweeping & vaccuming

I hate to bore you with such mundane information but this is, more than anything, a reminder to myself that these things are important, require my attention and make the rest of my life run smoother.

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