Turkey: Part 2

In honor of Thanksgiving, here are some more pictures from our time in Turkey! Gobble, Gobble!

After a few days in Istanbul, we all headed south to Fethiye and were super lucky with beautiful, warm weather.

Diving into the Mediterranean

Back in Istanbul before saying our goodbyes

After parting way, Albert and I headed to Cappadocia in central Turkey.  It is so important to me that I stress how amazing Cappadocia is. It is one of the most unreal places I have ever been in my life. The terrain was created from lava that has eroded from rainwater and wind over the course of thousands of years. Not only that, but since 800 B.C. people have been carving caves inside and underground in the mountains themselves. The underground cities are up to 8 floors deep and at one time10,000 people lived there. If you have the chance to go to Turkey, do not miss Cappadocia.

The view from our hike in Cappadocia

Cave view

Carved cave house

Tunnel in the underground city

Eating area in underground city

Love Valley, seriously.

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  1. Amy! said:

    Love you guys (and your pics!) xoxo

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