Picturesque: Haute Dog Halloween Costume Parade Part I

While Farrell and I are traveling together, we’ve asked our soon to be sister-in-law, Kelley if she’d take over the Picturesque posts.  And she really delivered!  Because every picture she sent is worth seeing, we’re splitting them into two posts.  Check back next Monday for the second half.


Inspired by the cuteness of our own dog in costume, Teddy (aka Brother Tango) and I decided to take a trip down to Long Beach, CA for the annual Haute Dog Halloween Costume Parade. The  warm, sunny weather almost made me forget that it was late October, but the Spooooky Halloween costumes quickly brought me to my senses. Overall, it was the cutest 45 minutes I have ever spent. If you’re  ever in SoCal over Halloween, I highly recommend going. Enjoy!

Big Boy

Zebra Dog


Carnivale Dog

Unidentified Cute Dog

Caveman and Cavedog

Sushi Dog

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