It’s October 1st everybody.  Can you believe it?!  Hope you made it through the weekend’s full moon and are feeling pretty geared up for Fall. As we do at the start of every week, we’ve asked you to send us your pictures and tell us a little bit about them. Love this week’s roundup. Thanks to everyone who sent them in!


Ddeani – Sandusky, Ohio


Karen – Dolly Sods, West Virginia
New spot for annual dad/brother camping trip.


Teddy – Venice Beach, California
Roller dancing/hula hooping/juggling on Venice Beach.


Gay – San Diego, California
My daughter and I took these at Balboa Park’s lath building. It’s one of the largest in the world. The inside is full of beautiful gardens.


We’d love for you to send us a picture for next week.  Hit me up.

Lauren at sisterdisco dot com

  1. It’s strange to look at the photo of the grown man on skates with hula hoops and go “oh yeah… I’ve seen that guy”! There could be an entire gallery devoted to the faces and characters of Venice Beach!

  2. Lauren said:

    Hilarious! I have plenty of familiar faces around my ‘hood as well!

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