New & Natural Products

Since I have run out of the products I packed with me, I have been on a delightful search for new everyday products.  As always, I’m down with the all naturals, though I there is no way I can be completely certain that some of these products are 100% natural.

Tiger Balm —  I have had migraines on and off for a couple years.  I cannot believe that up to this point I have not used tiger balm for them.  Now I use it for upset stomach, stuffy nose, muscle aches and headaches.  Applied topically.
THANN —  Because I am on a tight budget, I couldn’t buy from this line, but I spent ages in the store and loved the products. If I could buy something, I would buy their facial cleanser or conditioner.

Moringa Soap with Avocado —  I bought some moringa-avocado soap at an NGO in Cambodia and it’s already gone because I used it constantly.  Since then I have read a lot about moringa (an amazing superfood) and have seen it in a lot of products in Asia.

Luffa Sponge —  This crazy all natural body scrubber is awesome to have when you are traveling. We never feel fully clean without a good wash.  Plus it dries pretty quickly.

Sara Happ Lip Scrub — Though this product is not Asian, it is sold in a lot of all natural beauty places here.  And this lip scrub is awesome.  You gotta try it!  (You could also easily make some at home with oil and/or honey and brown sugar.)

Happy browsing!

(Toiletry Kit Image Here)

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