Homie of the Day: Geoff Feinberg

Late last week Dummy Magazine premiered this fabulous music video by our good friend Geoff Feinberg for Monster Rally’s Forager/Jungle Nights.  We are especially excited about this collaboration as it showcases incredibly sharp and intriguing footage that Geoff captured of the New York arm wrestling world (who even knew there was one?!) set to the sounds of two songs off our little brother’s latest LP Beyond the Sea.

Monster Rally – Forager/Jungle Nights from weathered features on Vimeo.

Geoff tells Dummy Mag, This video came about almost coincidentally – I have been making a documentary (which I’m editing now) on a guy who happens to be a part of the whole arm wrestling scene over here in NYC, which has a small but loyal following. This guy hosts a weekly arm wrestling practice in the basement of his place in Queens, which he has been been doing for the past 15 years, so its a bit of an institution. There’s an open door policy, anybody from old timers to newbies show up and there are a lot of characters that end up coming through – great faces! While the doc I had been making is not really about arm wrestling, it plays a part. So, I had been filming a bunch of these practices and getting a load of footage, way more than I needed, but I couldn’t stop myself. It seemed pretty ripe for a music video (I really like documentary music videos and have had it in the back of my mind to do one for a while now).”

The latter part of the music video features the female champion of the Empire State Golden Arm Tournament, Joyce Boone.  Geoff goes on to say he, “liked the idea of doing a slightly more gritty music video, using heavier tracks [off Beyond the Sea]. I thought it would make a nice contrast – luckily Ted [Monster Rally] was totally open to this…I wanted everything to start off being super masculine and then subvert this towards at the end of the video where we see the women step up and have these intense arm wrestle battles.

We love it!  Read the complete interview with Geoff here.

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  1. Suzanne Plumb said:

    I loved it too! Monster Rally is awsome and I liked the collaberation. suz

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