Hello.  We hope you had a wonderful long weekend.  Every week we gather some images to take a peek at what you have been doing and seeing.  Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures!

Jessica – Italy
I just got back from a trip to Italy with the family I nanny for.  This is the view from our villa in Radda, Tuscany

And in Venice…

and Rome.


Juanita – Huron, Ohio
Just off Route 2


Catherine – Upstate New York
Indian Ladder Farms, Altamont, NY – Macintosh apple harvest not looking so hot this year (mostly because of the “hot” February and March temperatures) but the orchards are still pretty and the cider is delicious.

Voorheesville, NY – My favorite corn field on the drive to my grandma’s house.  The owner lives next door in a shabby little house.  His land is worth millions but he’ll never sell it because he loves it.  Isn’t that wonderful?

Again in Voorheesville, NY – Tree climbing at my grandma’s.  She’s got this beautiful birch tree with this nasty tree scar (trees have feelings too!).

Lake George, NY – 4 p.m. sunlight glimmer.


David – Cleveland, Ohio
Watching trick flying at the Cleveland Air Show from Lake Erie.


Want to send us a photo?  Great, because we’d love to see it.

Email me: lauren (at)

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