What’s On Our Plate?

So many of my foodie friends have been asking about what we have been eating, so I thought I would tell you.

Since we arrived in Bali, we start the morning with a hunt for good, cheap coffee. They have what is called “Bali coffee” here. It’s pretty good – sweet and grainy, but smooth. It is kind of like drinking hot chocolate without the milk.

For breakfast, we might have something like Malta Toast, which is honey, avocado and sesame seeds. Interesting combo that brings back memories of the affair I once had with honey.

Around lunchtime we sometimes share a noodle dish, make a sandwich or grab a smoothie. They have fresh fruit and smoothie stands everywhere. Last night I had a mango banana smoothie and it was divine.


(Gado Gado with Peanut Sauce)



Almost every night, we head to the night market which consists of about ten vendors that BBQ, deep fry and cook fresh fish like Barracuda, Red and Black Snapper, Tuna, Prawns and Mahi Mahi.

(Fried Fish)

Albert has Mei Goreng almost every night. It is a traditional Indonesian noodle dish with egg and chicken. They also serve Gado Gado which is a vegetable medley with tempeh (!) and tufu.


(Mei Goreng)


  1. ancient.column said:

    wish I were eating with you guys!

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