Homie of the Day: Kate from Art Hound & Buy Some Damn Art

I first became aware of Kate Singleton of Art Hound and Buy Some Damn Art, when she featured the incredible work of our fabulous friend, and homie, Austin Power.  Kate is a self-proclaimed art nerd whose sites are dedicated to making great art accessible and affordable.  I am a huge admirer of her efforts and am psyched to introduce you to her through the post below which she put together for our viewing pleasure.  Thanks, Kate!  And when you’re finished enjoying the work, go Buy Some Damn Art.

(via Art Hound photograph by Elizabeth Felicella with styling by Katherine Hammond)


I thought it would be fun to feature art that’s perhaps a little out of the scope of Art Hound for a change. One theme I’ve seen crop up a lot lately is this minimalism meets 80’s glam hybrid. The emphasis is on playing with materials and juxtaposing unexpected elements. The cuff by FAUX/Real is something I’ve been sort of obsessed with lately. The concept of neoprene jewelry is totally wacky and delightful. All of these pieces are at once restrained and extravagant which is what appeals to me most.

(Minjin Lee Homeless)

(Laurie Kang Psychogeography)

(FAUX/real WOW – WorkOutWorld Bracelet)

Keep up with Kate:
Buy Some Damn Art Facebook and Twitter
Art Hound Facebook and Twitter

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