Assume the Feeling

I’ve been studying the principles of manifestation for the past few months and listening to a lot of talks by teachers of the subject.  Of all the different things that go into the practice of manifesting your desires, this one has really made an impact on me.

The idea removes the waiting, wishing and wanting so we can live an experience even before an accompanying situation comes around.  The Law of Attraction then kicks in, and you find yourself having more of whatever it is you desire.  There are a lot of things that enable this practice but two are really standing out to me now.

One:  It’s unlikely the desired experience or feeling includes space for self-criticism/hatred/doubt/etc., so that has to be dismissed as often as arises.

Two:  It also seems unlikely the desire includes desperate, controlling or manipulative energy so total surrender, and release of attachment to a particular outcome, is also necessary.

(photo found here)

It all make so much sense to me; though, the actual application of the ideas are definitely a work in progress.  I’ll keep you posted.

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