Down Unda: Part 1

We have been in Oz since the 4th of July and it has been such a blast. We first spent a couple of days in Sydney with Albert’s sister and one of my best friends, Amy.

As soon as we arrived, Albert had to get a sausage roll and meat pie.

When we first arrived at the infamous Opera House, it was truly breathtaking. The entire harbor is phenomeial. We decided to take a free ferry to Cockatoo Island (an old prison island) to see some art exhibits in honor of Sydney’s Biennial. It was fascinating, creepy and extraordinary.

We stopped by the Opera Bar and had a drink on the harbor.

The next day we walked along the Eastern Coast of Sydney’s beaches. It was rainy and grey and made the experience that much more exciting. We walked for a couple of beautiful hours. The day was perfect.

We spent our last day in Sydney in Manly. The ferry ride was gorgeous! We spent the day on the beach talking, laughing and having an ice cream.

We then headed to Sydney to spend some time with Amy and Albert’s family. The weather was rainy, but we had the best time ever.

We went a bit arty and headed to the Gallery of Modern Art.

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  1. karen said:

    love this. i miss you guys!

  2. Meggy said:

    SOOOO GREAT! love you guys!

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