Homies of the Day: Chris & Jon of Smart People Podcast

I first discovered Smart People Podcasthosted by Chris Stemp and Jon Rojas when our cousin, Juani, talked about the episode with Brené Brown in her Homie of the Day post back in February.  I have been 100% hooked ever since.

These guys have close to sixty episodes interviewing smart people from all over the map and cover an incredible array of topics in a super friendly and approachable way.  Some of my recent favorites include conversations with nutritionist Debra Benfield on mindful nutrition, historian and author Craig Koslofsky on “the history of the night, and former director of astrophysics at NASA Charles Pellerin on his experiences with the Hubble Space Telescope.

We’re super grateful and excited to share with you today an exclusive interview (download here or listen below) that Chris and Jon conducted for Sister Disco telling us a little about how the podcast came to be and what they’ve learned along the way.  (We’re also cracking up at the shout out on the left white board in this picture.)


Make sure to stay up to date with the Smart People Podcast at all the usual places: iTunes / Facebook / Twitter

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