Pack it up, Pack it in, Let me Begin

The most daunting task to prepare for our trip is packing.  Oh, packing!  We have had packing meetings, packing lists, packing days and still, our bags are not really packed. How are you supposed to pack for a trip that you have no idea where you will end up?

I ordered this book off Amazon and it has been a saving grace.  Without this book, we would have not gotten our vaccines (some of which are required from one country to the next) or bought traveler’s insurance.

They created a detailed packing list in the book and it has been a lifesaver.  I tell you the most daunting part is having to put together a minimal wardrobe that will be comfortable wherever we go.

There are some odds and ends that we still need to purchase (guitar string?!), but as the days have gone by, I have come to realize that I will have everything I need wheerever I go.

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