Music to Your Ears: Deke

Our friend Deke is someone who brings music into the lives of his friends in many forms.  I’ve been turned onto countless bands, attended amazing concerts and danced my way through many nights thanks to him.  Today, we are thrilled to share with you an original track  that he created to assist us all in calming our minds, observing our thoughts and connecting to our breath.  In addition to the YouTube below (which also showcases Deke’s photography prowess), you can download the mp3 here.

photo via here

So sit up tall.  Feel your shoulders in line with your hips.  Let your head and neck be an extension of your spine.  Bring your attention to your inhale, letting the breath fill your stomach like a balloon.  Then release the breath as you focus on the exhale.  Close your eyes, maintain your attention on the breath and release your mind to the music.

If you notice along the way that you’ve gotten caught up in your thoughts, it’s okay.  Don’t judge yourself; just bring your attention back to your breath.


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