Homie of The Day: Bethany

Not only does she have the best name ever, but our friend Bethany Cocco is one talented girl!  (She has also borne witness to several members of our family – Lauren and myself included – having total travel meltdowns on two separate trips to India.  But that is another post all together!)

“Bethany’s designs are characterized by juxtapositions: precious metals take on the textures and patterns of natural objects or mimic the eroding surfaces of man-made ones.”

“The spirit of the pieces in her current line is both delicate and raw. It is inspired by the beauty the artist discovers in unexpected places: the ridges and folds of a dried chili pepper, the peeling paint on an old window frame.” (bethanycoccojewelry.com)

Check out Bethany’s website and Etsy shop to view more of her awesome work.

  1. ddeani said:

    Not only is Bethany talented but she has the only tattoo that might be worth living with your whole life.

    • bethany said:

      Too funny Nadine! heart you.

  2. Kait G. said:

    This is so true! The jewelry is just gorgeous…and this blog is really fun:)

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