Music to Your Ears: TGIF

Coming Down by the Dum Dum Girls

Farrell’s college friends have a pretty stellar music club, which they’ve been kind enough to include me in.  I discovered this song on one of the recent albums of a DMC favorite, initially thinking it was Mazzy Star.  Feels simultaneously new and familiar.

Todo El Mundo (Everybody Everybody) by Proyecto Uno

This is a go to, pick-me-up for me.  It was introduced to me awhile back by another great friend.  It brings it every time.

Brandon Marlow by Misteur Valaire

Misteur Valaire is a French band that I recently found and fell in love with. This song is what I put on when I need an extra kick. It makes me feel happy and excited. It helps that it is also a tight beat. I hope you enjoy it!

Listen to more of Misteur Valaire here  (I like Mojo Ego)

Two Cousins by Slow Club 

This song by Slow Club is really fun and the video is awesome. This is one of my favorite songs lately. I especially like the lyrics in the chorus:

Hold on,
To where you’re from.
It’s where your heart goes,
When you’re done.

Listen to more Slow Club here 

Have a great and fun weekend!

  1. Simply wonderful dancing in the Slow Dance – Two Cousins video. Soooo damn attractive.

  2. Nicholas! said:

    A DMC favorite?! Right back at ya, SISTER!

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