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I went to a fundraiser event on Monday night and the DJ was playing the most fun, old school dance music.  There are few things I can think of that are better than an unexpected dance party & I didn’t know how badly I needed one until it happened the other night.  It made me think of when Farrell was doing her dance cardio workouts.  If it’s been awhile since you shaked your groove thing, might I suggest that you give it a go.  Even if it’s five minutes in your office with your door closed or at home while you’re doing the dishes, press play and loosen up!

After my friend mentioned that she watched Les Miserables this weekend, I have had songs from that glorious play in my head all day long. It reminded me how much I love showtunes. I know how lame the word showtunes sounds, but I guess that’s just what we call them. I grew up listening to “The Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber.” All my other siblings heard the same music, but for me it just stuck. I loved everything about Broadway musicals. Ever since then, those songs tear at my heart strings. I can feel every emotion in every song and also feel such a sense of nostalgia for my childhood.

Les Miserables – I Dreamed A Dream

Annie – Maybe

Rent – One Song Glory

Newsies – Seize The Day


One of our good friends, John Thomas aka RUMTUM, has put out a new EP YESOD that we have been blasting at our house. This EP is perfect for those summer days, laying around and catching up with friends. We listen to it at the beach and when we have friends over. I listen to it while I clean or take a shower.

John is one talented dude. For the whole album, check out his Bandcamp page.


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Public radio is far and away my primary source for discovering new music. The other night I caught the second half of this episode of New Sounds, “Frontiers of Flamenco,” which focuses on flamenco music’s intersection with the music of India, West Africa and North Africa.  I know it’s cliche to say but the music selected for the program really takes you on a journey through so many different cultures.  I find it mesmerizing!  You can hear the show through the link above.

On a semi-related note, I took flamenco dance for awhile when I was younger.  I remember the weight of skirt and the height of the heels.  Though I found it nearly impossible to keep a beat with the castanets, something about the confident posture you have to hold and the demeanor you’re meant to maintain made the whole experience feel light and playful.


It’s that moment we have all been waiting for! Another Monster Rally EP is out. In my opinion, EPs are the best because you catch a glimpse of a period of a time in an artist’s life. It is clear that Monster Rally is evolving and we love it! Keep it coming, Teds.

For the full EP, listen here.

Happy Friday!


I heard this song last week on All Songs Considered, my favorite source for new music. I’m generally offended by loud, sudden noises so it came as a real surprise how much I really dig this song. It makes me wish I was dressed as Thelma or Louise speeding down a dusty road (perhaps like the one above, shot in Portugal. I’d love to go there someday). Anyway, the song gets real loud and irritating; you’ve been warned.

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