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Our whole family has gotten really into bocce lately. We played it a ton in California over Albert’s birthday weekend and again while were just in Cleveland. It’s the perfect summer lawn game.  You can play for as long or as short as you want and it’s easy to keep swapping in new people.

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When I saw this DIY painted horseshoes post on Design Love Fest, I immediately thought of making my own unique bocce set. You could incorporate so many great colors and patterns. I’m liking the antique bocce set above (via here) as inspiration.

I am not sure why but I have been in a bit of a funk the past few days. The job hunt was getting me down. I was feeing a bit homesick. Then I got a text from my sister that I won a DESIGNLOVEFEST giveaway. When I checked my email, “You’re a real winner!” was in the subject line. Lauren was right. I was a winner. A real winner! It is kind of amazing how something like that can totally change your whole perspective. Here is a picture of the cute end table that I won! Check out more of Chelsey Elizabeth Design here.


By the way, I am on day 32 of my MCM detox. Today’s affirmation is: I choose to believe in abundance and I accept this belief as my reality. Kind of fun, huh?! That ones for you, Mom. ;)


A few weeks ago, I saw a picture on Instagram of these beautiful vintage flower stamps. Farrell and I are throwing a bridal shower over the summer for our soon to be sister-in-law and knew we had to have them for the invitations.  I just think they are so beautiful and feminine.


They also reminded me of this array of flowers, which I snatched on my way out of a conference a couple of weeks ago (they started as a centerpiece that I broke into smaller bouquets). Aren’t they just lovely?!  They mostly lasted a pretty long time and felt like such a treat to have in little arrangements all around my apartment.

When Albert and I moved to LA, we only brought a couple of suitcases. I found this little gem at a yard sale within the first week of our arrival. It only cost $20. I knew that I couldn’t keep it the way it was and was determined to make it fabulous. I am proud to say that I did!



photo (22)



photo (21)

Because our apartment is so white and bright, I knew we needed a bright color. That is why I chose Jamacian Blue! I followed this blogger’s advice the whole way through. Never underestimate the power of a project. I love my new little dresser!


Every time I buy flowers for my apartment I vow to make it a regular thing. It doesn’t usually stick but after reading this post on Cup of Jo about arranging flowers from the grocery store, I’ve re-upped my promise to myself. Our mother is masterful when it comes to putting together flower arrangements and it’s one of those things you really hope is genetic.  Luckily though, even absent a well done arrangement, flowers look good all on their own.




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