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DRINKING tons of green juice with cucumber, kale, spinach, celery, lemon and ginger to improve my energy and boost my immune system.

BLASTING Monster Rally & Jay Stone’s new song Cognac. It’s SOO good.

STAYING aware that as much as things might seem normal day to day – a lot has changed and that can be hard.


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HANGING with so much family in Cleveland this week; not being close enough to do this all the time is by far the thing I like least about living in NYC.

EXPERIMENTING with washing my face with raw honey.  I had heard it recommended long ago but never got around to trying it.  The verdict is still out.

WAITING for a taste of my mom’s apple crisp.  It’s cooking in the oven and smells so good.  I want some stat!


We lost our dear friend Bethany to stage IV lung cancer this past Friday; we are both so heartbroken.  Like all of Bethany’s friends and family, we keep returning to the memory of her luminosity and amazing laugh. These photos are from when we first met each other on a trip to India with our mom’s in 2003.

We are so thankful for having had the chance to know and love Bethany.  We will always cherish our time with her.



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FORGING a new path.  Yesterday was my last day at the job I’ve had for close to eight years.  I’m taking some time off over the next few months and am excited about things to come!

SNAGGING a pre-release vinyl copy of the new Monster Rally collaboration with Jay Stone.  Listen to the album’s first track here & don’t overlook peeping that cover art!

GETTING by with a little help from my friends (and family). #strengthinnumbers


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BLASTING the Amelie Soundtrack. It is the first thing I listen to when I am trying to get work done. It has been my go-to for years. Listen here.

LIFTING weights every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and killing it. Hit me up if you want to know my workout routine which was created by my trainer, Albert Cook.

PONDERING the universe, space and time and all that is in-between.



“…and that is how I feel about suffering.  When something bad happens, I will not let go of that bad thing until I have discovered the blessing that lies within it.  When my late father died (now I’m in mourning for my late mother), that sense of grief and bereavement suddenly taught me that so many things that I thought were important, external success, all of that, is irrelevant.  You loose a parent, you suddenly realize what a slender thing life is.  How easily you can loose those you love.  And then out of that comes a new simplicity.  And that is why sometimes all the pain and the tears lift you to a much higher and deeper joy, when you say to the bad times, ‘I will not let you go until you bless me.'”

-Jonathan Sacks via On Being with Krista Tippett



Bringing you this week’ round-up of articles, videos, websites and other know-how that has recently captured our attention.  We hope you find something you l’ll like and pass it on!

1. Brittany Maynard’s choice to die with dignity (via cbc news) I know that it is heavy, but this young woman is very inspiring and I can’t imagine I could be as brave in her situation.

2. Susan Miller’s October forecasts (via Astrology Zone) This October has already been a whirlwind! Check out what more it has in store.

3. Parenting around the world (via We love this quick round up of different parenting styles from around the world.

4. Try This: Make Photo Booth Strips With Old Photos (via A Beautiful Mess) I love taking photo booth pictures and have been thinking of a way to put mine up. This is a great option!

5. The 3 Things I Look for on Ingredients Labels (via Healthy Crush)  A quick and helpful guide on how to read food labels.

6. Art Amnesty (via MoMA PS1)  Toss your old art work and art supplies into the dumpster at MoMA PS1.

7.  Building a Brand in Fashion (via americanexpressOpen) Our homie, Celina Paiz’s fashion line, La Selva is being featured in featured in TLC’s web series “Breaking Out In Fashion!”  To celebrate this video La Selva is giving 15% discount at our online shop. Just use the code breakingout123 at checkout!

8. This Guy Probably Recorded a Song You Love (via All Songs Considered).  Yes, in fact, he did!


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You know what they say when things get weird? Mercury is in retrograde! I think it might be living in California, and being surrounded by wellness junkies, that contributes to the fact that I hear that all the time. It also helps that Mercury seems to be in retrograde ALL THE TIME.  So between this blood moon (did you see it?!), and Mercury going backwards, let’s just say I have had a week of lessons so far.

It all started out on Monday. I was faced with situation after situation where I needed to speak up and I dropped the ball.  It was one thing after another and I just ended up doing things that I didn’t have time for or that made me feel completely uncomfortable.  Again, this happened to me last night.  I got a massage that was borderline unbearable.  This woman walked on my back for what felt like an eternity and I didn’t say a word, even though I was struggling not to throw up or pass out.  What gives?!  Am I that big of a baby? This week has proven to me that yeah, maybe I am.

I am not going to act like here I am, four days later, and just speaking my mind everywhere I turn.  That is just not the case.  Learning to speak up for yourself is really hard.  At least for me.  I think that it is a mixture of being a woman, being raised with midwestern politeness, and also being from a family where the woman do it all and don’t say a word about it.  If you blend that up in a big ol’ pot, you get me.

So I guess I am going to try and say what I am feeing to people when I am actually in the situation.  Because mostly, I call my sister, or someone else, right after and tell her how uncomfortable or weird a situation was instead of excusing myself in the moment.

Cheers to Mercury, the Midwest and genetics!

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