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1.) Strong Daughters in Photos (via Mind Body Green) A collection of one photographer’s daughters that shows their strengths and imperfections and the beauty of it all. –Farrell

2.) First Hologram Protest in History Held Against Spain’s Gag Law (via Revolution News)  I love this!  -Lauren

3.) Happy Labor Day (via Preserve) It doesn’t really matter what link you to go on this site, Blake Lively’s aesthetic and point of view are really amazing! I love the rustic feel to it all. –Farrell

4.) Cleveland City Guide (via Tasting Table) I have a lot of stops to make when I’m back home!  -Lauren

5.) Holding a Grudge (via Psychology Today) After reading this article, who wants to feel this way?! Not me. –Farrell

6.) Coloring Books for Adults (via Austin Kleon) This was interesting to me for a number of reasons including this on from Austin Kleon, “…helping other people feel creative can be way more lucrative than actually being creative.”  -Lauren

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photo by Henry Clarke for Harpers Baazar via Industryinstagram


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EATING kale and spinach salad with sunflower seeds and parmesan like no it’s nobody’s business.

WATCHING the first season of Nashville because I love anything that has Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights in it.

COMING down off of all the love, laughs and thoughtful things that happened to me in the past week. Thank you so much everyone!


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THINKING about the ways in which the vagabond lifestyle, as discussed in this Tim Ferriss podcast, applies and doesn’t apply to my current reality.

CRAVING the grapefruit vanilla swirl ice cream at Sweet Rose Creamery.

EXCITED to have my flight booked for a visit back to Cleveland, then NYC in May!



1.) theskimm Entrepreneurs Take the Media Spotlight (via Chase)  I love theskimm, a daily email with news of the day and this quick video interview with its founders is really interesting about how its founders built their audience.  One takeaway: know your niche!  -Lauren

2.) 9 Spring Fashion Trends (via Cup of Jo) In case you didn’t know – now you know! I am really into most of these.  –Farrell

3.) First Impressions: Cuba (via Fathom) Cuba is definitely on my list of places I’d love to travel.  -Lauren

4.) as.phyx.i.ia (via Vimeo) is so mesmerizing that I want to share it with everyone I know –Farrell

5.) This 90 Minutes Morning Routine Will Make Your Workday More Productive (via Entrepreneur) this list of seven things holds nothing new but I have the sense it’s on the money.  I’m the worst at #2.  -Lauren

6.) Chocolate Mousse Filled Strawberries (via A Beautiful Mess)  Ummm, yes please! If anyone wants to make me something, it can be this! –Farrell


image via here


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FEELING so loved and supported on my birthday.

LOVING how many wonderful friendships I have in my life.

EXCITED for what the rest of the week brings!


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THINKING a lot about the psychic reading I had on Monday.

MISSING our dad while the rest of our family is together this week.

RE-WATCHING the movie The One I Love with my mom; I definitely recommend it!

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1)  you’re effortlessly cool

2)  you’re a positive influence on everyone around you

3)  you are really good at cheering people (me) up

4)  you trust your gut

5)  you’re the best person to be in an uncomfortable situation with

6)  you are incredibly efficient

7)  you don’t put up with stuff you don’t like

8)  you’re completely reliable

9)  your impressions are super funny

10)  you make people feel incredibly loved and special

11)  you’re really good at keeping in touch when you’re far away

12)  you are supportive and encouraging

13)  you’re adventurous

14)  you like to share new information and experiences you’ve had with the people in your life

15)  you are brave

16)  you’re always down to dance

17)  you make deep connections with people

18)  you’re so easy to talk to

19)  you are committed to your health

20)  you’re fun

21)  you aren’t afraid to say how you feel, or even if you are, you say it anyway

22)  you are really good with little kids

23)  you are dedicated to living life as your best self and put talk into action

24)  you love physical comedy and so it makes me laugh more knowing you’d be cracking up watching it

25)  you’re stable & on top of your shit

26)  you are generous

27)  you love amenities more than anyone I know

28)  you’re so pretty

29)  you make our whole family proud

30)  you will always be my little sister, no matter what age you are



1.)  20 Career Tips from Entrepreneurs (via Cup of Jo) Is such a good blog post full of tips for people who are running and or starting their own business. –Farrell

2.) Frida Kahlo: The Gisèle Freund Photographs (via Miss Moss)  I’ve loved Frida Khalo ever since Selma Hayek brought her to the big screen and these photos are phenomenal; so much to take in with each one!  -Lauren

3.) Going Clear (via HBO) is a documentary film about the inside of Scientology that has left me with the creeps ever since I saw it.  –Farrell

4.) Out of Whack: 7 Keys to Resetting Your Hormones + Metabolism (via The Chalkboard) is quick and to the point.  -Lauren

5.) Machu Picchu in photos (via Mr. and Mrs. Globe Trot)  Whenever I want to be swept away to a far off land I come to this site. These images from Machu Picchu are really amazing and capture what it feels like to be at that magnificent place. -Farrell

6.) Monthly Horoscopes: April 2015 (via Astrology Zone)  Heading right over to see what’s in store.  -Lauren


Today is our grandmother’s 98th birthday! And to celebrate this truly incredible woman, we are reposting one of our favorite posts from way back on Sister Disco, Conversation Tips from Our Grandma, Mommom.

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December 1, 2011 – Our grandmother is 94 years old. She is the queen of getting herself out of tough conversations and giving responses that say everything and nothing at all. These are her best responses that have become invaluable to us and have turned into life lessons and tips throughout the years. We wanted to share them with you:

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“Why not?”

It doesn’t matter if I am ordering an ice cream cone at 8 a.m. or trying on a ball gown just for the fun of it, her first response to me is most often, “Why not?”  On occasion, “Why not” is replaced with “Might as well.”  I could not count how many times this phrase has come to mind whenever I have nothing to say.

“Fouled up”

This is a lady’s way of using the F word. When we want to be a lady but also want to say F word, just say that the situation is “fouled up,” just sayin. This works to describe pretty much any messy situation: untangle-able jewelry, a broken kitchen disposal, or a complicated family dynamic. All of these things can be categorized as “fouled up.”

“I thought so”

This response comes in handy when, frankly, you don’t want to look like an ass. After every question you ask but feel like you should already know the answer, make sure to respond with, “I thought so.”  You will forever seem like you knew what you were talking about.

“tricky trick”

This is the favorite and most commonly replicated in our family. Usually after someone brings up a tough situation and you aren’t sure what to say, “tricky trick” is always in your back pocket. The hard part is not using it too many times in one conversation. This is why there are many variations on the phrase. For example, when a situation is too “fouled up” to talk about any more, you can say, “On to the next trick!”  This both ends the conversation and provides the wisdom that there will always be another “tricky trick” down the road, so don’t get too bogged down on the one right in front of you. “Tricky trick” can also serve as a boiler plate for similarly worded phrases such as “funny fun,” “spooky spook,” “nifty nift,” “rainy rain” and so on. You get the idea.

So those are just a few conversation tools that will help you along this holiday season filled with fouled up conversations! Feel free to give ‘em a try and let us know how they went over.


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