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1.)  Report: None Of Good Cousins Coming to Thanksgiving This Year (via The Onion) made me laugh, especially as I’m the only one of my silbings heading to Cleveland for Thanksgiving this year!  -Lauren

2.) This enlightened interview with Willow and Jaden Smith (via Gawker) was shocking and deep coming from two young kids that can’t even drive yet.  -Farrell

3.)  Science Says Lasting Relationships Come Down To 2 Basic Traits (via Business Insider) Kindness and generosity.  Who doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of that?!  -Lauren

4.) The Little Comet Probe That Could (via NPR) is a quick overview of the probe that landed on the comet and what it all means. -Farrell

5.)  Can a Pendulum Decide Your Career and Find Your Lost Car?  A History of Dowsing, or ‘Water Witching’ (via  Our mom loves to use a pendulum to teach people about energy.  I’d never heard the term ‘dowsing’ but think I’ll give it a go.  -Lauren

6.) Allure Magazine Editor Kelly Atterton’s Secrets To Great Skin (via Cupcakes and Cashmere) mentions some of my favorite products on the market!  -Farrell





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Making art is never a waste of time.

Be yourself to the fullest – everyone else is taken.

Taking a break or stepping outside during work can change your entire day.

Stretch in the morning.

Keep being curious and don’t stop reading. 

Everyone is beautiful. 

Never underestimate the power of a good night sleep. 

A seafood dinner can heal all wounds. 

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DIVING into three books at the same time: Skin Cleanse, Inner Gym (both pre-releases by friends) and Men, Women and Children.

FOCUSING on trying to meditate every single day and incorporate more cardio and sunlight into my daily life.

REFLECTING on this year and how fast things change, how permanent those changes can be and how exciting the rest of my life is going to be.


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MAKING last minute plans for a mid-week trip to Washington DC with our dad.

RECEIVING lots of reminders that GRATITUDE is the reason for the season.

UPDATING my tumblr site (domain courtesy of last year’s Christmas gift from our brother, David) with some new music & images.


Act I.  After you straighten your hair and put on your travel suit & glasses, swing aside the domed top and ease into your vessel with a casual grace.


Act II.  Once secure within the ship, send out your message of love.


Act III.  In due time, and blue-green light, don your disco best and watch how you sparkle and shine.

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1)  It’s always a thrill to read coverage about the art and music our little brother is making.  I learn something new about him or his work every time and this interview | Monster Rally (aka Ted Feighan) is no exception. (via -Lauren

2)  My boss sent me this awesome site called Home Polish where you can hire a designer for your apartment at affordable prices.  Check it out. (via Homepolish) -Farrell

3)  I have been thinking about The Immortalists trailer ever since I saw it a month ago.  It is a documentary about the fountain of youth. (via Youtube) -Farrell

4)  What to Stream On Netflix: The Ultimate Indie Wire Guide is going to become my pre-Netflix landing page.  I’d way rather scroll through these lists to find something to watch than to spend the endless amount of time I do trying to find something on the site itself. (via  -Lauren

5) 13 Genius ways to decorate a small space is always a welcome article title for me.  I love to read about how people decorate their spaces – especially if they are small. (via Cup of Jo) -Farrell

6) Yesterday a friend introduced me to Chapter Be, “Interviews and daily inspiration from those who are charting their own journeys to have a career and life doing what they love.”  I can’t wait to spend some time checking out the stories! (via -Lauren


With you by my side -

dance parties are way more fun

dinner parties are always better

yoga is more rewarding

saying yes happens more often

sharing is easier

plane rides fly by (I thought you might like that pun)

panic attacks aren’t so bad

stories are more fun to tell

scrabble is more challenging

death beds aren’t so scary

long walks seem too short

milestones are more exciting

Basically – everything is better when you are there. I am so happy you are alive.



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Ever since I was little I have loved the moon. I have memories of making the drive from my grandmother’s house and following the moon (or was it following me?) the entire way home. It wasn’t until I was a little bit older that Suz and I made the connection that we both really loved the moon. Ever since then, she and I would call each other every time the moon was particularly charming. She would leave me messages like, “Moon Girl #1, this is Moon Girl #2. You know what that means. Look up tonight.” She was always the first person that I would think of when I looked at the moon. I would wonder if she saw it that night and if she thought of me too. I even made a playlist for her of only songs that mention the moon.

When I first really understood that she was going to die, my first thought was the moon – the fact that we will always have that. I will always have that. In the 2 and a half months since she passed I have seen some of the most spectacular moons of my life. I have also gotten the opportunity to share with other people my love for the moon. In my mind I understand that Suz is not controlling the moon, but in my heart it feels like a communication that we have with each other. There is this feeling that if the moon is still there above me, I will never really be alone.

So to Moon Girl #2 I have seen the moon. I have been looking up – almost every night and when I do I always say, “Hi Suz” as if you are really there in front of me.

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