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1.)  How to stop yourself from crying (via Cup of Jo) is certainly a tip that I will try next time I am about to cry inapproprately. -Farrell

2.)  Art does heal: scientists say appreciating creative works can fight off disease (via The Telegraph) Can’t argue with that!  -Lauren

3.)  Little ways to make a long-term relationship feel awesomely new (via Hello Giggles) might not have all the answers but after 9 years I am happy to say that we do most of these things. -Farrell

4.)  Transparency (via Pennyweight) is a touching post on how our lives can come across online much more flawless than they actually are; there is always more to a story than what we see.  -Lauren

5.)  What is your real birth name? (via Bitecharge) This quiz is totally ridiculous and comes out of nowhere with the name that you were actually supposed to be given at birth. My REAL birth name is Faith. Go figure. -Farrell

6.)  How to Find Happiness in Today’s Hectic World (via Barking Up the Wrong Tree) talks about the downfall of many choices, why wanting what’s best might not be and the power of gratitude.  Well worth the read!  -Lauren

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FEELING tired after my travels and having a hard time getting back into the groove at work.

TRYING to beat my Tuesday morning headaches. What gives?!

LOVING that I return back home to sunshine and the ocean.


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RECOVERING from a winter sickness that had me down for the count for most of the last couple of days.

LISTENING to The Tim Ferriss Show podcast and trying to soak up all the wisdom of his guests.

MISSING my phone calls with Suz; there’s so much I’d want to tell her.



1.)  Longevity Pills (via Motherboard) The fountain of youth is no longer a fantasy.  Five Noble prize winners have backed up a new pill that is being designed to help you live longer.  -Farrell

2.) theSkimm’s Guide to Net Neutrality (via theSkimm)  Get the skinny on the situation in about as long as it’ll take you to skim this blog post.  -Lauren

3.) Day Trip to the Salt Terraces – and Pisac Market (via mr + ms Globetrotter)  These picture capture Peru so well.  I have never been to a more stunning country and one that has so much to give.  The salt terraces were something I missed on our trip there as I was suffering from self-diagnosed dengue fever, so I am living vicariously through these photos.  -Farrell

4.) 10 Things You Need to Know Before Dating the Outgoing Introvert (via Pukermob)  I knew I’d identify with much of this list just by reading the title; then a friend brought it up to me before I’d had the chance to read it.  #4!

5.) Staging of eating ice cream as told by babies (via YouTube ) was not originally as funny to me as it was to my friend who was watching it with me.  But since then, I haven’t stopped thinking about these hilarious babies eating ice cream and all that they go through. It’s too funny!  - Farrell

6.) Makeup Artist Approved Products From Your Local Health Store (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)  I’ve tried a lot of Burt’s Bees products and overall I’m not a huge fan but I’d definitely give these others a go.  -Lauren



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MAKING lists of all that I need to organize and pack before I head to Costa Rica at the end of the week!

DREAMING of all the laughs, chats and good times I am about to have with my dearest friends.

ANTICIPATING time in the sun, jungle and ocean.


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 WORKING outside in the most charming coffee shop courtyard.

THRIFTING like it’s going out of style.  Can’t keep myself away from weekly trips to every area thrift shop out here.

AWAITING the next episode of StartUp Podcast.  It’s my latest favorite.



1.  This Is Hip Hop (via youtube)  This video was sent to me by my friend who thinks that Sister Disco should recreate this video.  Don’t let the title fool you!  -Farrell

2.  Copying and Credit: Where Does the Line Begin and End? (via DesignSponge) looks at issues of originality and stealing artistic ideas and designs.  I’ve known of a few cases of artist friends whose work was clearly copied by a larger brand and I think it raises a lot of interesting issues, particularly given the accessiblity of people’s creative work these days.  -Lauren

3.  Frances McDormand on Aging (via youtube) is a video that, for some reason, I felt touched by this week as I approach my 30th year of life. -Farrell

4.  Things Tom Petty Doesn’t Want You To Do (via The Poke)  As visualized in a pie chart.  So nerdy and I love it!  -Lauren

5.  Birds of a Feather (via elephantine) beautifully captures the mood I have been feeling lately. -Farrell

6.  The Kinspiracy (via Miss Moss) is a Tumblr that aggregates various people’s Instagram pictures to show how pervasive the Kinfolk Magazine aesthetic is for a whole subset of people.  I have to admit my feed is loaded with images just like this.  -Lauren

Lake Erie August 31, 2014

Lake Erie August 31, 2014

I had such a busy January with work that I have been feeling pretty disconnected from my relationships lately (even with myself). For a minute yesterday there I was feeling totally overwhelmed and starting to feel like everything was going wrong. Of course now I know that it wasn’t true but in that split second I really convinced myself that nothing was right and everything was wrong. A while later I stumbled upon these 5 life lessons from the Dali Lama. I liked them for two reasons: #1 because we have done these types of posts in the past here and here and #2 because it was all the things I needed to hear. While what he said was nothing new per se, in that moment when I was questioning everything it all sounded so simple.

Dali Lama’s Life Lessons

1. Be compassionate. Remember that compassion is good for your health and stress, fear and anger will literally eat up your immune system. Choose compassion over negative feelings.

2. Find your own inner peace. As his holiness said: “Global change must come from individuals and world peace must come from inner peace.” Realize that you can make a difference by starting with yourself.

3. Be happy. Instead of grappling with complex Questions like “Why am I here?” simply focus on being happy and the rest will fall into place.

4. Be a good human being. Avoid feelings of regret when you reach the end of your life by being a good human being. Sounds obvious – but you’d be surprised how easy it can be to get caught up in other unimportant things.

5. Practice forgiveness. Know that forgiveness does not mean accepting the other person’s wrongdoing – it is simply a way of respecting your own physical health enough to not allow negative feelings to cause you harm.

Check out more from the Dali Lama and these lessons here.

New Butterflies

(image via Flickr)

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STARTING my mornings with a CLEAN Essentials shake and a cup of coffee and feeling like it’s the best of both worlds.

RECOVERING from a super busy weekend working with Valley Cruise Press at the LA Art Book Fair.  It was exhausting but we had so much fun!

LOVING spending so much time with family out here in California.  They’re the best!


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LISTENING to the Amelie Soundtrack every day when I need to focus. Try it out!

RESEARCHING the FloLiving program to help me figure out why I get headaches weekly.

SPENDING quality time with my sister in our slowly-but-surely redecorated apartment.


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