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1) Malcolm Gladwell Shares The Single Most Important Factor Of A Person’s Success (via Business Insider)  Not what I thought it was going to be but makes sense.  -Lauren

2) Serial Podcast (via NPR) I look forward to this podcast every Thursday as it takes you through a real life murder mystery. -Farrell

3) Research shows that drinking a glass of red wine is the same as getting an hour of exercise (via Bustle) Too bad I am allergic to red wine or I would be using this excuse every day!  -Farrell

4) 10 Job Search Tricks That Will Change Everything You’ve Been Doing (via TIME)  Y’all don’t mind if I also use these posts to bookmark links, do you?!   -Lauren

5) MacArthur Grantee Rick Lowe on Art as Community (via Hyperallergic)  Interesting conversation about the term ‘social change’ vs ‘social justice’ and their role in the art world.  -Lauren

6) A day in Free + Native’s shoes (via Free + Native) I love this site and this post really got me thinking about daily routines. -Farrell

7) Winter Skin (via Garance Dore)  I’ve been going heavy on the jojoba oil this fall; am happy to see it suggested for the winter months as well.  -Lauren



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This past week my Mom and I went to a psychic channeling circle. Yep, you read that right!  One of the messages that I got directly was dealing with the feline form. I have had a deep fear of cats ever since I can remember.  I have nightmares involving cats to this very day.  People always ask me why and I really don’t have a good answer.  I don’t remember any terrifying experience with a cat from when I was little.  I have never owned a cat of my own.  It is an unexplainable fear.  Anyways, the psychic mentioned this fear and how I need to explore it a bit.  He also mentioned that the fear of cats comes from the qualities in them that I see in myself.  Normally, I wouldn’t pay as much attention to it except for when I woke up the next day I found that it was National Cat Day!  So, I have made a promise to my mom that I will look into the mythology and mysticism of cats throughout the ages. I am not sure what I will find or if it will alter my life in any way, but as my grandmother says, “why not?!”

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Zwei Damen im Automatenrestaurant, N.Y.C., 1966

photo by Diane Arbus

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PACKING up for a short|extended stay in Bridgehampton, NY.

MEDITATING on the virtues of slowness and simplicity.

OVERTHINKING a little less than usual but likely still more than is necessary.


photo 2 (30)


PLAYING around town with my Mom and packing in every minute of the day with something to do.

PLANNING our Halloween party with treats, spooks and tinctures.

TAKING two days off from work as well as a break from Instagram. Life is good!



1. What Should We Call Me  This site has never failed me over the years. I rarely go on it these days but when I do, I always laugh out loud. -Farrell

2. 7 Things Healthy People Do Every Morning (via Food Matters)  Sounds hard and lovely not to check your phone for the first hour you’re awake but drinking a glass of water upon waking is totally doable. -Lauren

3. The Springs  This new wellness center in Downtown LA looks wonderful. -Farrell

4. 5 Steps for Tackling Anxiety (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)  Some friends and I have been feeling some anxiety the past couple weeks and this post was a great reminder. -Farrell

5. Lakewood native Mary Peffer returns to Cleveland’s Gordon Square with NAVY PRoject pop-up shop (via  Finally had a chance to check out this pop-up shop being run by a childhood friend of mine; I LOVE what she is doing!  -Lauren

6. 13 Under the Radar Apps Designers Use Like Mad (via Of a Kind)  Not a bad list to keep on hand.  -Lauren

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In New York, when people ask me where I’m from I first say Cleveland, then add that I’ve lived in NYC for over 12 years.  Generally, their response (unless they were born and raised in NYC; in that case most are satisfied with me as being from Cleveland) is, “Well, I think that makes you a New Yorker.”  And while I agree that I am a New Yorker, it isn’t a title I ever really sought to achieve – not because I didn’t want to be a New Yorker but moreso because I’ve never wanted to cease being from Ohio.

Since leaving my job earlier this month many people have asked me whether I will stay in NYC.  It is an obvious question though not one to which I know the answer.  I have been in Cleveland for the past week and will spend a good portion of the next several months here.  It’s something I’m quite happy about.  And though I’m open to leaving New York in a way that I haven’t been before, I’m not totally sure I can actually bring myself to do it.

Over the course of the last week, I have really come to recognize that while I might be from Cleveland, I really don’t know this city.  Certainly not in the way I know New York.  I get lost driving around and there are entire sections of of this town I have no sense of whatsoever.

I have always maintained that the very best way to live in New York is to leave it often.  I’m not sure if I’m saying a short or a long goodbye but I do know that it is always good to get away and that there is always something new discover when you go home.

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DRINKING tons of green juice with cucumber, kale, spinach, celery, lemon and ginger to improve my energy and boost my immune system.

BLASTING Monster Rally & Jay Stone’s new song Cognac. It’s SOO good.

STAYING aware that as much as things might seem normal day to day – a lot has changed and that can be hard.


photo 1 (28)

HANGING with so much family in Cleveland this week; not being close enough to do this all the time is by far the thing I like least about living in NYC.

EXPERIMENTING with washing my face with raw honey.  I had heard it recommended long ago but never got around to trying it.  The verdict is still out.

WAITING for a taste of my mom’s apple crisp.  It’s cooking in the oven and smells so good.  I want some stat!


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