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1.)  Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls at the Party  (via Amy Smart Girls) is an awesome site about learning to be a better member of the community while laughing.  -Farrell

2.)  Infographic: Your Obsession with “Serial” (via Fast Company) – Visualized had my friends and I cracking up.  Particularly the “Tweets About Serial” Chart.  “It’s an Ad for Best Buy!”  -Lauren

3.)  Mr. & Mrs. Globetrot are a couple I have been following for years. Their pictures of Peru completely take me back to that wonderful country.  -Farrell

4.)  What You’re Feeling Is Between You and You (via Julia Cowell) is an interesting read on tapping into your body’s physiological experiences in your relationships with others.  I became familiar with Julia Cowell from this interview, “Relationship Is a Skill.”  I think anyone could benefit from listening to this.   -Lauren

5.)  Tony Robbin’s TED Talk (via  “Why We Do What We Do” is always a good reminder.  -Farrell

6.)  Top 15 Songs in Wes Anderson Movies (via Revolver) Fun listen!  -Lauren


Last week I went to a pre-work morning dance party.  Thanks to a little push from my friends, I woke up at 6am and headed to a bar to drink coffee and dance until it was time for work.  I had no idea what to expect but I was more than pleasantly surprised.  Daybreaker is a movement that started in San Francisco and has spread to almost 10 other major cities such as Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Atlanta and Toyko.  It’s intention is for you to start your day off right by dancing!  I think that I actually had more fun than I would have if I went to a bar at 10pm on a Friday night.  I think most of that was due to the fact that I was there to dance and it was just so early.  Normally I would have worked out in the morning, but this was such a different high.  People were drinking juice and coffee and just breaking it down the entire time.  If you live in any of the cities where they host this morning dance party, I recommend that you go.  Bring your friends and dance it out.



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PACKING my bags for a trip with an unknown return date and feeling a range of feelings about it.

CROSSING the threshold from short to long hair.  It’s been awhile.

FANTASIZING about all the delicious party food I ate this past weekend.  Keep it up Holiday Season!


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TRAVELING to Cleveland tomorrow for Christmas and can’t wait to be home.

TRYING to make time in my life for more creativity and writing.

PLANNING for the future more with investing and finances.

1) Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off to 1989 aerobics has had me cracking up all week. -Farrell

2)  How To: Mini Snow Globes is one of many such tabs taking over my browser.  Seasonal DIY fantasy life is in full effect.  -Lauren

3) Locating Yourself is a quick video about where you are.  Are you above the line or below? -Farrell

4) What Is the Meaning of OM? Did you know that there are four sounds that make up the sound OM and one of them is silence?!  -Lauren

5) The 10 Most Livable Global Cities for Balancing Work and Play.  I’ve only been to one of these cities (Berlin) but I’m waaaay into the concept!  -Lauren

6) Daybreaker is an early morning, weekday dance party that I partook in yesterday morning at 6:30am and it was SO fun.  I recommend to anyone to go! -Farrell


The week after Suz died I remembered feeling an acute sense of the importance of art. There was something about someone’s life ending that really made me think about what is significant to do while we are here on Earth. Self expression came to mind, which then to me became art. This may sound heavy, or whimsical, but we are human beings having a human experience and there are times when it can be profound, frustrating, beautiful, enlightening, suffocating, etc. I don’t think any form of self expression is ever wasted. When I was younger, I secretly thought of myself as a poet. I sat in my room for years writing poem after poem. Of course at the time my poems seemed on the verge of award winning but looking back they are full of angst and confusion. I was feeling so much at the time that I needed to do something with those emotions, so I just scribbled words on page.

I don’t care what ways you choose to express yourself, whether it be through dance, jokes, fashion, speeches, writing, jumping – whatever it is that makes you feel free for just one second – do it. Those moments are not wasted. Somewhere those moments will last forever and you will leave an imprint.

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TRYING to drink as much water and green juice as possible before the Christmas holiday.

THINKING about the movie “Wild” and the kinds of journeys that grief will lead you on to find who you are again.  Thinking also about how powerful a mother can be.

BLOWING through so many books!  Right now I’m reading Traveling with Pomegranates, which was recommended to me by Lauren.  Once I am finished maybe we can both do a post on it.


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FEELING inspired to go all in on my personal style after watching the documentary Advanced Style on Netflix.

STAYING at home and working my space heaters on this very rainy day in NYC.

PRESSING play on the latest episode of StartUp podcast, which I’d highly recommend!

I’ve been back in NYC for the past week, catching up with friends and eating delicious meals all around town as New Yorkers are wont to do. I don’t think of myself as any real foodie but I just may have taken for granted the amazingness of the food here for the past 12 years. It tastes so good. Almost everywhere you go. In addition to the gourmet-level home cooked brunch I had on Sunday, these are some of the places I’ve been eating:


Sauce Restaurant - This is my neighborhood favorite!  I will never turn down an Italian meal and the deliciousness pared with proximity to my apartment make it my regular go-to.  The Pecorino Kale salad and soft polenta “Plank” with bolognese sauce make me happier than any meal I can conjure in my mind.

Emmett’s – A tiny and tasty neighborhood spot is one of the only new (to me) places I’ve eaten since being back in New York.  The pizza was great, as was the playlist.

Satsko – If there ever was a bar where everyone knows your name, this is it!  Satsko’s was a mainstay of my early years in NYC and has hosted many boozy nights since.  The sake offerings are phenomenal, as is the Carriegiri sushi-esque roll of avocado, smoked salmon and melted mozzarella with a spicy mayo dipping sauce. Mouth-watering!

LIC Market – I don’t spend a lot of time in Long Island City, Queens, so after my first time at this restaurant, I make it my go-to when I’m in the neighborhood.  This past weekend I was there for brunch and the complimentary pastry plate, complete with mini-chocolate croissants, was just as delicious as the rest of the meal.

Motorino Pizza – Oh, my!  I wasn’t even this full on Thanksgiving!  This pizza is just amazing.  My friends and I split five pizza’s between four people and the flavors are fantastic!  The Cherry Stone Clam white pizza is particularly special.  This is some next level pizza.

And while I haven’t done much by way of cooking since I’ve been back but I did make a friend’s Blue Apron meal with her on Sunday night and it was also so good!  All ingredients, in exact proportion, are delivered right to your door for a really reasonable price.  This is the second Blue Apron meal I’ve helped prepare and I have to say, it’s pretty great.

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