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Though it snowed yesterday here in New York, I’ve got summer on my mind. I’m envisioning long, sunny days that flow almost unnoticeably from one to the next and a lot of reading. (Think that time I lived in India and had nothing but time to read and read and read).

I currently have four nonfiction books that I’m somewhere in the middle of but can’t seem to get through; I started three of them months ago. I’m thinking I need a story that is completely captivating – another world to carry with me and sink into a couple times every day. Do you have any recommendations (fiction or non)?  I’m ready to get going.

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ten minutes every day to close my eyes & see what i feel.  to try to disconnect the feeling from the story and simply allow the feeling to be felt.  to recognize the tendency to suppress discomfort and to let it be, without needing to know why it’s there.  to remind myself, again and again, of how i want to live.  of my sole ability & responsibility to experience that life.  right now.  and to keep creating the time and space to be present and move myself forward.


Hand-me-down shoes from mom’s closet

F:  What are some summertime plans that you have?

L:  I don’t have much planned yet but I’m hoping to get some good Cleveland time in. In my ideal life I would spend a month or two in Cleveland every summer. If anyone has any work-from-anywhere job leads, hit me up!

F:  Can you share with me some spring trends that you are seeing on the street?

L. Well it hasn’t really warmed up enough here to see a real switch in fashion. However, I have been noticing a lot of jeans plus high heel shots on various style sites. Also people seem to be slowly busting out cute jean, leather and spring jackets.

F:  Do you have any tips for setting up a new apartment?

L:  Think about how you want to feel in each area of your home and make that the top priority for setting up each space.  Also, as you unpack, find ways to display the little things you come across that make you happy.  I was going to say something like don’t be afraid to get rid of things but then I remembered that I got that advice from you on this very blog.

F:  If you could live a day in someone else’s shoes, who would it be and why? (I know it’s best not to compare yourself and yada yada but this is for fun!).

L:  Good question. I think I might choose a painter.  I like the idea of waking up, having my coffee and stumbling over to my studio (which I like to think would be in an old barn connected to my house).  Then I’d spend the whole day painting, without even realizing the whole day had gone by.

F:  What have you found interesting this week?

L:  Yesterday morning I got to work, sat down at my desk and thought about how – even without much change – every day feels a little different.  There’s something fascinating to me about that.



I’ve had bangs for a little more than a year.  For the most part, I’ve been into them but recently they have started driving me nuts.  I think part of my irritation has to do with all the images I’ve been seeing lately of casually cool tousled locks.  There’s something so carefree-chic about this style and I want it!  I’ve been playing around with hiding my bangs but I don’t think the length is quite there yet.

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On a less superficial note, I watched former NYC Planning Commissioner, Amanda Burden’s TED talk yesterday about public spaces and thought it was really great.  I once read testimony in front of Commissioner Burden at a public hearing relating to a major rezoning project that I’ve been a part of for several years at my job.  Her talk paints a really interesting picture of all the details that must be considered and all the battles that must be fought in order to develop first-rate public space.  She concludes her talk by saying, “I believe that a successful city is like a fabulous party; people stay because they’re having a great time.”  I love that comparison.

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I heard this song last week on All Songs Considered, my favorite source for new music. I’m generally offended by loud, sudden noises so it came as a real surprise how much I really dig this song. It makes me wish I was dressed as Thelma or Louise speeding down a dusty road (perhaps like the one above, shot in Portugal. I’d love to go there someday). Anyway, the song gets real loud and irritating; you’ve been warned.

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At home yoga in front of heater

F:  Did you receive the Valley Cruise Press zine? Show me a picture of your favorite page.

L:  Our little brother recently started Valley Cruise Press with a friend of all of ours.  I just received my copy of the latest zine,  Flower Arrangements vol. 1, which is all of Teddy’s art work.  It is gorgeous!  I really love the outside and inside cover as well as this page:

photo (3)

FAV1 - Ladies and Snake Pot_905

F:  Does it feel like Spring yet there? Have you done anything Spring related?

L:  We had one day that felt like Spring but then it went back down to the 30s.  I don’t think I have done anything Spring related.  Perhaps I’ll go to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens when it gets warmer; I haven’t been in a few years.

F:  I know I always ask this, but what are you reading lately?

L:  I’m in a real reading slump.  It feels like when you know you should get back to working out and still don’t do it.  I need that one book to get me back into the swing.

F:  What is one thing that you have continued to do since completing the Clean Cleanse?

L:  Hmmm…mostly I’d say I continue to think about the cleanse.  I feel much more aware of how it feels to really healthy in my own body.  Actively maintaining that feeling is a whole other topic.

F: Do you have a favorite picture of me and you?

L:  I have lots of pictures of us that I really like but here’s an old one that I think is so sweet.

photo (2)


have you ever breathed deep
expanding your belly
but focusing on your heart?

to the place where I sense a pain,
then a fear, an internal tension
living amongst openness
and expansion

where i’d have to face a series of unknowns
and possibly spend a good deal of time


or worse yet: staying still

and only nothing, or hardship
would follow.

have you ever started breathing
into your heart?
while writing words
that named your fears

(then posted it on the internet because you’re a blogger)


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