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Earlier this summer I was asked by Composure’s Kyle Studstill to share two modern role models / people who inspire me for a series he has developed called, For Those Who Craft.

“In July I asked creative people in the Composure world to reflect on and share the exemplars who have influenced their art,” Kyle writes. “Here you’ll find a small series of collections curated by these artists—within each collection you’ll find a pair of inspiring projects, the curator’s take on their significance, and a theme that ties them all together.

Inside are ideas to introduce to one another, connections to be made. And in this way we dance.”

You’ll find info on & links to my modern role models, my dear friend Meaghan Calcari Campbell and artist Jimmy Marble under “PERSPECTIVE for those who work with WORDS.”

Thank you to Kyle for including me in this project.  I can’t wait to explore those named by the other contributors!


1) Millennium Force Cedar Point Giga Coaster POV (via YouTube)  Our brother David posted this video on his Facebook page earlier in the week.  In his words, “There is an amusement park outside of Cleveland, called Cedar Point, with the world’s best roller coasters. This is a video of one of the best coasters. Its so intense: 310 ft high, 90+ miles an hour, 85 degree incline.”  -Lauren

2) Lasting Relationships Rely on Two Traits (via Business Insider) I guess I am kind of a sucker for any article on long-term relationships. Advice never hurts! –Farrell

3) 10 Facts About Infidelity (via TED) Frequency of “mate-poaching,” a cheating gene and widespread infidelity.  Hmmm?!  -Lauren

4) The 4 Minute Method to Massive Productivity (via Marie Forleo) Lately, I have needed a push to get myself off the couch and do the things I want to do. I needed this video this week. –Farrell

5) 10 houseboats that will make you want to give up land forever (via Digital Trends) These all look so awesome! -Lauren

6.) Super-Feel-Good Summer Playlist (via Gala Darling) Sure, I want to feel good! So I listened. It’s good. –Farrell


F:  What is something you have learned about Cleveland since being there this time?

L:  One of the most northern points of the Underground Railroad was at Lakewood Park, right by our house. From there escaped slaves would catch a boat to Canada.

F:  What would you say is your spirit animal?

L:  Yeesh, I’m not sure.  I’m going to go with the lioness for fierceness.

F:  What is something that inspired you this week?

L:  These guys I saw paragliding at Edgewater Park the other evening!  I’ve been feeling some real highs and lows about being in Cleveland this time around.  I took the scenic route home from the east side the other night and was totally inspired to see this group out paragliding in the park.  NYC is hard in many ways but it is so easy to be inspired there just by walking out your front door.  It takes a little more effort to find that here but it was a good reminder that unexpected things are here to be found as well.

F:  What would you say is your best and worst quality?

L:  I’m very thoughtful but I get held up & stuck inside my own head.

F:  Want to share with us your favorite song lately?

L:  I’ve been falling back on my old friend Shazaam lately.  This was my last tag.



1) Empathy Is Actually a Choice (via NYTimes)  I was drawn to read this article but think I need to give it a second read to really absorb the different things it is saying.  Makes me think about how it relates to my post on choice last week.  -Lauren

2) Time Management Makes Our Busy Lives Worse (via Quartz) Shoot! I thought that I was great at time management and that it was making my life BETTER. –Farrell

3) Why Living Out of a Suitcase for 2 Years Has Been the Best Thing for My Family—and Finances (via LearnVest) I loved reading this.  It’s so easy to convince yourself you don’t have the money to do the things you want to in life; it’s so interesting & inspiring to me to read the details of how people make their unconventional lives work.  -Lauren

4) Some News to Share (via Babyccino Kids Blog) While we’re on the topic of unconventional living, I’m really excited to follow the journey that this family is taking around the world.  I’ve followed Courtney, the mom, on Instagram for some time.  She takes beautiful pictures and I know there will be amazing visuals through which to live vicariously!

5) You Can’t Afford Poor Communication Skills (via LinkedIn) This article is great not only for the workplace but for interpersonal relationships too. –Farrell

6) 11 Affordable Under-the-Radar Travel Destinations (via Dailyworthy) Our very own Cleveland, Ohio made the list! –Farrell


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Hey Cleveland friends!  I’m heading down to Ohio City on Sunday and setting up shop at The Cleveland Flea’s Sunday Market!  The market is a brunch & shop event held once a month in Hingetown (W. 29th Street and Detroit) and I’m thrilled to be taking part in it.  I’ve started to update the online shop with some of my new finds but I have a whole slew I’m holding onto just for the in-person markets, so come on Sunday and take a look!

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