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NEARING the end of the May Lindstrom Problem Solver that Farrell got me for my birthday and thinking I’m going to have to splurge and re-up when it’s gone.

FINISHING up a 30-day yoga challenge strong, after some lapsed days in the middle.

FALLING down the Pinterest images rabbit hole and trying to climb my way out.


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SEEING all my doctors and practitioners and feeling all kinds of weird as a result.

TAKING a couple baths here and there now that water is plentiful!

FEELING a roller coasted of emotions.



There’s a good chance you’ve already seen this video as Farrell and I have sent it to almost everyone we know but if you haven’t, you’re in for a real treat. Somehow Farrell managed to capture my ridiculous performance in a bat relay race we did during our friends’ wedding weekend last week. Oh wow! Hope you get as many laughs out of this as we have. Enjoy!


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SOAKING up the lake, thunderstorms, train sounds and highs and lows of being home.

TRYING to quit drinking coffee and why, oh why is it SO hard.

SPENDING less time on the computer and more time outside.


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DRINKING a green juice that my sweet sister lovingly brought me from the grocery store.

STARTING to read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance & hoping it hooks me in quickly.

LOOKING forward to some quality Lake Erie time over the next couple of weeks.



1) Writing Your Own Biography Might Be Critical to Your Success (via Business Insider)  Seems like a worthwhile exercise; even if only to think about.  -Lauren

2) Jimmy Kimmel Shows Cleveland Cavaliers fans (via Jimmy Kimmel) This video is really funny but part of me feels bad for even sharing it.  -Farrell

3) July 1970: Harlem, full of life (via Mashable) Fantastic photo series taken by photographer Jack Garofalo 45 years ago in Harlem.  -Lauren

4) Toxic Shock (via Vice) One of my co-workers shared this aritlce this week and it is really horrifying and I felt like I should share the message. -Farrell

5) Martin Wehmer (via Miss Moss) The texture of the portraits is incredible.  I can’t believe how well it translates to the screen.  -Lauren

6) 5 Yoga Poses to Help Alleviate Anxiety (via Mind Body Green)  Feeling anxious during the work week? These are some awesome and quick poses to help you throughout the day. -Farrell

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Today, tomorrow and Thursday, The Disco Emporium will be holding a sidewalk sale at a miLES pop-up space on New York’s Lower East Side.  If you’re in the neighborhood, come by and check out the summer vintage collection!


Tuesday, June 16th 3-9pm
Wednesday, June 17th, 3-9pm
Thursday, June 18th, 5-9 pm


103 Allen Street
(between Delancey and Broome)


About the space

miLES_Logo_110px1miLES is a civic startup, comprised of designers, architects, event producers, social entrepreneurs and real estate professionals committed to activating urban neighborhoods as canvases for pop-up entrepreneurship.  Help miLES win a $100K  Mission Main Street grant to scale their model beyond the LES by casting your vote here.


Sunny and 61 degrees (heading toward 80 degrees by noon) in Lakewood, Ohio.  The lake is calm but moving.  There is an explosion of chipmunks in the area and they dart out from under a bush, sometimes chasing another across the back patio.  The air is thick and the midges are caked to every window screen in the house.  The depth of the backyard has shortened significantly from when I was a child and when you look over the fence you can see tree roots that hung on despite the erosion.  There’s a dog barking down the street and birds chirping in the tress, and my fingers typing on these keys.  And other than that, it is quiet and beautiful.

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My mom arrived in NYC last night. We’re driving back to Cleveland tomorrow – just in time for the first Cavs vs Warriors game!  It’s a beautiful day in the city, after some chilly rain earlier in the week, and we’re heading into Manhattan to get a reflexology massage at the best place in Chinatown, have some lunch and hopefully hit up the Yayoi Kusama exhibit in Chelsea.  See ya on the flip side!


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